Friday, 4 January 2013

The FireFly Tribute.

As many of you will be aware British Airways were one of the main sponsors for the London 2012 Olympic Games. In honor of this British Airways painted 7 aircraft into a special Dove Livery and 1 aircraft into a special FireFly Livery. 

History of the FireFly (G-EUPC)

The aircraft left London Heathrow (Newly Painted into the FireFly livery) on the 17th May for Athens in the dark so that the Livery was kept a secret for as long as possible. On arrival into Athens the aircraft was prepared for its return journey to RNAS Culdrose. It left Athens carrying the Olympic flame using callsign BA2012It landed at RNAS Culdrose at just before 19:30 on the 18th May 2012. This date also marked the start of the Torch Relay. The aircraft operated passenger services on most days throughout the Torch Relay. However, when the flame was needed to be carried across waters the aircraft was taken out of passenger service for the day to make sure that there was no delay. The aircraft took part in a flypast down the Mall in London on the 10th September 2012. Straight after arrival at Heathrow after the flypast it was prepared for a passenger service and was back in the air around 45 minuets later. On the 16th November 2012 the aircraft was taken out of the Hangar at Heathrow after a Maintenance visit. To everyone’s surprise the aircraft had actually been repainted into the normal British Airways Livery. This was a massive disappointment to everyone as it was such a great livery!!!!

As a Tribute to the livery I have put this Special Tribute post! Thank You so much to everyone that have allowed me to use their pictures/videos in this post!

Copyright to PlaneMadVideos
This video was taken at London Heathrow on the 15th September 2012, Just 2 months before she was being repainted.

Copyright Mraviationguy
A compilation that was given to me by Mraviationguy especially for this tribute post. Thank you so much to Mraviationguy for making this compilation of all of his videos of the British Airways FireFly for this post.

I would again like to Thank everyone who has allowed me to use their Photographs and Videos in this special tribute post to the British Airways FireFly.

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