Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Virgin Atlantic Current Fleet.

Here is the Virgin Atlantic current fleet.

Registration/Model/Name or note

G-VAIR     A340-300     Maiden Tokyo
G-VAST     B747-400     Ladybird
G-VATL     A340-600     Miss Kitty
G-VBIG     B747-400     Tinker Belle
G-VBLU     A340-600     Soul Sister
G-VBUG     A340-600     Lady Bird
G-VEIL     A340-600     Queen of the Skies
G-VELD     A340-300     African Queen
G-VFAB     B747-400     Lady Penelope
G-VFAR     A340-300     Molly
G-VFIT     A340-600     Dancing Queen
G-VFIZ     A340-600     Bubbles
G-VFOX     A340-600     Queen of Clubs
G-VGAL     B747-400     Jersey Girl
G-VGAS     A340-600     Varga Girl
G-VGBR     A330-300     Golden Girl
G-VGEM     A330-300     (Leased to China Airlines)
G-VGOA     A340-600     Indian Princess
G-VHOT     B747-400     Tubular Belle
G-VINE     A330-300     (Returned from Ryan International lease but not yet entered service with Virgin.)
G-VKSS     A330-300     Mademoiselle  Rouge
G-VLIP     B747-400     Hot Lips
G-VLUV     A330-300     (Leased to China Airlines)
G-VMEG     A340-600     Mystic Maiden (Withdrawn August 2012)
G-VNAP     A340-600     Sleeping Beauty
G-VNYC     A330-300     Uptown Girl
G-VOGE     A340-600     Cover Girl
G-VRAY     A330-300     Miss Sunshine
G-VRED     A340-600     Scarlet Lady
G-VROC     B747-400     Mustang Sally
G-VROM     B747-400     Babraella
G-VROS     B747-400     English Rose
G-VROY     B747-400     Pretty Woman
G-VSSH     A340-600     Sweet Dreamer
G-VSUN     A340-300     Rainbow Lady
G-VSXY     A330-300     Beauty Queen
G-VTOP     B747-400     Virginia Plain
G-VWEB    A340-600     Surfer Girl
G-VWIN     A340-600     Lady Luck
G-VWKD     A340-600     Miss Behavin'
G-VWOW     B747-400     Cosmic Girl
G-VXLG     B747-400     Ruby Tuesday
G-VYOU     A340-600     Emmeline Heaney

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