Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Journey of PlaneMadBlog

I have been running this blog since February 2012 and have already reached the 100 post mark. I have passed all expectations for the first year of me running this blog in just over 7 months. I have passed 4,500 views and recently started a Twitter feed for my blog. The Twitter feed has been a great success with me reaching 160 followers and just over 2,000 tweets/retweets in just over 2 months. I have been running this as a hobby and I have really enjoyed receiving all your compliments that I get through Twitter. I would like to thank the people that have sent me news for my blog, if you have news that you haven't seen on my blog and you think that it should be on my blog then let me know (click here for details)
As my blog started to get more popular, more people wanted to see pictures! So I wasted no time in starting up PlaneMadPictures. That seemed to be quite a success and I carried on posting news on PlaneMadBlog and pictures on PlaneMadPictures. More recently I merged PlaneMadPictures with PlaneMadBlog. This seemed to be better as the traffic that I got through my news blog got to see my pictures too. I have now started up a YouTube account 'PlaneMadVideos' that seems to have gone down very well with all of my Blog viewers and Twitter followers as within a few weeks I have reached just under 450 video views with 1 subscriber.
Here are some of my favorite pictures that I have taken over the time of me running this blog!

Virgin Atlantic


DHL Airways
Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic
Recently I started to do Videos, So here are my favorite videos from the past month!

China Airlines B777-300ER at London Heathrow 

Virgin Atlantic B-747-400 Takeoff from Manchester.

Antonov 124 taking off from Manchester
Heavies Collection at London Heathrow
Thank you to all my blog viewers for viewing my blog over the the past 7 months! 

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