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The 100th Post!

In this 100th post there will be a mixture of things that will be able to help you with where to go plane spotting at Heathrow and Manchester, what planes and airlines I like and more!

Best places to plane spot at Manchester/Heathrow airports


My favourite place to get pictures and videos at Heathrow is the end of Myrtle Avenue. This is right by the perimeter road and you can see the planes land if you are at the right place. If they are taking off over there it is still the best place as you get the planes taking off over your head at a low height. As it is a very big open space it is great for pictures and videos if you don't want fences to get in the way of your videos or pictures. If you don't do to get pictures or videos, you just go to watch them then it is still a great place as you do not need binoculars to see the registrations and they are extremely low.


My favourite to plane spot at Manchester is the aviation viewing park. This is situated right next to the taxi-way and quite close to the runway. You can get great pictures there as they have 'mounds' which you can go on so you don't have to get your pictures through the fence of with barbed wire from the top of the fence. It is also a great spot for videos as the planes rotate in view of the viewing area. It is also a great place just to go and watch them as you are really close to the aircraft and again you do not need binoculars to see the planes that taxi past you but you may need them to catch the registrations of the planes that are taking off. Also you can see the A380 parked on stand, which is good as you then know when it is going to take off!! At the viewing area you can get a tour of Concorde, browse in the Aviation Shop and eat your lunch with a view down the runway as well as being able to look into the Concorde hangar.

My top 10 Liveries

1. Virgin Atlantic Airways
2. Gulf Air
3. Emirates
4. Etihad
5. Malaysia Airlines (A380 livery)
6. Thai International
7. American Airlines
8. Wizz Air
9. Qatar Airways
10. Qantas

My Top 10 Airlines

1. Virgin Atlantic Airways
2. Emirates
3. Gulf Air
4. Qantas
5. Malaysia Airlines
6. Singapore Airlines
7. British Airways
8. Qatar Airways
9. Thai International
10. American Airlines

My Top 10 Aircraft

1. Airbus A380-800
2. Boeing B747-400
3. Boeing 787-800
4. Airbus A330-300
5. Boeing B777-300ER
6. Embraer E195
7. British Aerospace BAE146
8. Airbus A319
9. Airbus A350
10. Airbus A340-600

Planes potting for me started off at a very early age. I was taken to Manchester Airport by my Grandparents when I was about 3 years old! I thought that it was excellent! But when I went to London Heathrow.... It just blew me away how many airplanes that there were there. One of my biggest memories from the first 2 years of me going to London Heathrow was seeing Concorde take off. I was quite young then (4-5) and as soon as the captain powered up the engines and roared down the runway, car alarms started going off! This was due to the fact that it was SO noisy it made the ground shake! When I saw this, I was staying in the Rennaisance Hotel.

The hotel is situated right next to the runway and opposite T1. If you get the right rooms, you have a great view of the airport and the runway. The hotel offer a Planespotters break in the summer which you are guaranteed to get a runway view room! It makes a great place to watch the planes start their take off roll and power down the runway. If the planes are landing on that runway then you get to see them touch down and apply their reverses. It is a great photo opportunity as if you catch the plane at the right time you can get really good shots of the aircraft touching down (especially the big ones!)
Example Shot.
Virgin Atlantic

Thank you for reading this post. It is a great time for PlaneMadBlog to be reaching this milestone!

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