Sunday, 3 November 2013

My first experience with Thomson

On the 25th October 2013, I embarked on my first flight since 2006 and also my first flight with Thomson. My flight would be the TOM2538 Manchester to Ibiza departing at 06:50 on the Friday morning. At check in I was allocated seats 10 D, E, F (as there was 3 of us travelling) I took up the window seat (10F) and had an amazing view of the engine and wing!

At gate 210 was our aircraft B737-800 G-FDZB. Our flight, (TOM2538) was probably one of its last flights with Thomson this year before doing to SunWing as C-FPZB for the winter season. 

As boarding began, they called up rows 32-24 to board first, then was rather annoyingly 32-11 (1 row before us!) but very soon they announced boarding for the rest of the passengers. It was raining, typical English weather! Parked on a stand next to us (208) was one of the Thomson B787 Dreamliners (G-TUIA) 

The Captain came over the PA System and informed us that we would be cruising at 36,000ft and the flight time would be around 2 hours 40mins.

We were given the saftey demonstration by the crew just before pushback a few minutes early. 

The taxi out to the runway (05L) at Manchester was quite quick due to the fact there was not many other movements about. I also have to say, the taxiways at Manchester were very bumpy, and I am not sure why.....

Anyway, the Concorde hangar at the Aviation Viewing Park was lit up nicely so which was nice to see at 7:00am in the morning. 

As we lined up to 05L at Manchester, I was expecting to takeoff straight away, but in fact, we sat on the runway for about 10 seconds before the engines were powered up, we sped our way down the runway and out of Manchester. 

As we got above the clouds, light was starting to appear and we could see what was beneath us! Nothing exciting, clouds. However, the horizon did look spectacular, seeing this was amazing! 

There wasn't really much to look at on the plane as G-FDZB was fitted with the older interior which meant it did not have any screens above the seats! However, the window provided me with my entertainment. 

In flight service from the very friendly Thomson Cabin Crew began almost immediately after takeoff from Manchester, coming through to take hot food orders for later on in the flight. 

As we cruised over the Pyranees we were provided with this sight for about 15 minutes! Was amazing to see! 

We arrived in Ibiza a little ahead of schedule! What an amazing flight with Thomson! Well done to them!!

Please Watch the Full Flight Video here!

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