Friday, 23 November 2012

Infinite Flight

Infinite Flight is a flight simulator for the Apple iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone. At a cost of £2.99 it is one of the best flight simulators out there for the price!

See pictures below for the aircraft available in the app. Quite a few of them you will have to buy separately to the app.

Some of the graphics are better than others. On the Airbus A321 the gear goes up and down really realistically however on the B787-9 the gear just disappears and appears every time you select the gear up and down.

When you select the 'I am already a pilot. Let Me fly' button it will being up a selection of planes. You need to select one of them to be able to fly. Some of those aircraft in the list are not already installed. You have to pay £1.99 for an in app purchase of another type of Aircraft. Although you get a few liveries for the in app Purchases rather than only the default livery for the pre installed ones, I think it is a little expensive.

Once you have selected an aircraft you then need to select a region. The San Francisco one is already installed. Once you click on San Francisco it allows you to chose what airport in the area that you want to take off/land on and then the runway in that airport. Some runways are more suitable for larger planes e.g. A380 than others.

Once you have done than select Take-Off or Landing at the bottom of the screen and you are almost ready to go! Click 'ok' and then select the weather.

Now click the 'Fly' Button.

This takes you to the aircraft on the runway. You can select the camera angle that you want to view the aircraft from once you have calibrated the screen. You can move the camera around on the outside views to get the view that you most want.

You are now ready to go!

Here are some screen shots from the Flight Simulator app.



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