Saturday, 13 October 2012

Where are the BMI Baby fleet!?!

After the ceasing of services on the 9th September the BMI Baby fleet of 12 B737-300's and 2 B737-500's have been placed into storage. They have gone to either Norwich or Lasham before being returned to their lessor. 8 of the aircraft went to Norwich and 6 to Lasham. The aircraft that are stored in Norwich are...

G-OBMP - B737-300 - Robin Hood Baby
G-OSDK - B737-300 - Baby Dragon Fly
G-TOYD - B737-300 - Surf's Up Baby
G-TOYH - B737-300 - Baby of the North
G-TOYI - B737-300 - Tinylife Baby
G-TOYL - B737-300
G-BVKB - B737-500 - Jelly Baby
G-BVZE - B737-500 - Little Costa Baby

The aircraft that went to Lasham are...

G-OGBD - B737-300 - Olly Cat Baby
G-TOYF - B737-300 - Rainbow Baby
G-TOYG - B737-300 - Butterfly Baby
G-TOYJ - B737-300 - Pudsey Baby
G-TOYK - B737-300 - Jump in Baby
G-TOYM - B737-300 - Groovy Baby

These aircraft will all be returned to their lessors.

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