Monday, 29 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy disruptions.

Due to Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast of America on the 29th October 2012 many flights have been cancelled. Here is a list of the flights that have been cancelled (correct to time of writing.)

Virgin Atlantic:

VS1/VS2 Heathrow to Newark
VS3/VS4 Heathrow to JFK
VS9/VS10 Heathrow to JFK
VS11/VS12 Heathrow to Boston
VS21/VS22 Heathrow to Washington
VS25/VS26 Heathrow to JFK (VS26 depart JFK 30th)
VS45/VS46 Heathrow to JFK

British Airways:

BA1/BA2 London City to JFK
BA3/BA4 London City to JFK
BA67/BA66 Heathrow to Philadelphia
BA69/BA68 Heathrow to Philadelphia
BA113/BA112 Heathrow to JFK
BA115/BA114 Heathrow to JFK
BA117/BA116 Heathrow to JFK
BA173/BA172 Heathrow to JFK
BA175/BA176 Heathrow to JFK
BA179/ BA178 Heathrow to JFK
BA183 Heathrow to JFK
BA185/BA184 Heathrow to Newark
BA187/BA186 Heathrow to Newark
BA189/BA188 Heathrow to Newark
BA213/BA212 Heathrow to Boston
BA215/BA214 Heathrow to Boston
BA229/BA288 Heathrow to Baltimore
BA239 Heathrow to Boston
BA265/BA264 Heathrow to Washington
BA293/BA292 Heathrow to Washington


EK201/EK202 Dubai to JFK
EK203/EK204 Dubai to JFK.


EY101/EY100 Abu Dhabi to JFK


KL641/KL642 Amsterdam to JFK
KL543/KL644 Amsterdam to JFK
KL651/KL652 Amsterdam to Washington


OS087/OS088 Vienna to JFK
OS093/OS094 Vienna to Washington


QF107 Los Angeles to JFK
QF108 JFK - Los Angeles

This was of information that I could find on websites. There are many more cancellations than this so my advice would be to check with you airline before you leave for the airport.

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