Monday, 24 September 2012

Renaissance Hotel Plane Spotter Breaks

As many of you may know the Renaissance Hotel situated on Bath Road (Heathrow) offer Plane Spotter breaks over the summer. If you book a Plane Spotter break you are guaranteed a runway view room, overnight parking and access to the Club Lounge with Complementary refreshments. (You have access to the club room using your room card) It is a great place for Plane Spotters to go and watch the movements around the airport from the warmth of a Club room in a 5* hotel. Prices range from £125 to £189.

If you would like a Plane Spotter break a bit cheaper you can! Book a 'Room With A View' stay. You are guaranteed a room with a view of the runway. You will be in a Standard Deluxe room (instead of a club room) with overnight parking. You will not have access to the club room and complimentary refreshments. This costs £90 for a Single or Double occupancy and is available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only.

Both of the stays are great and it means that you get to stay in a 5* hotel and enjoy the view of Heathrow Airport. To book either of these breaks call
020 8897 6363 ask for the Internal Reservations and quote the code AW10
The Address of the hotel is

Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel
Bath Road

And the website is

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