Wednesday, 19 September 2012

New Prices of Boeing Aircraft

Here is the Price list for Boeing Aircraft. All in million$

B737-700 $74.8m
B737-800 $89.1m
B737-900ER $94.6m
B737 MAX 7 $82m
B737 MAX 8 $100.5m
B737 MAX 9 $107.3m
B747-8 $351.4m
B747-8F $352.0m
B767-200ER $160.2m
B767-300ER $182.8m
B767-300F $185.4m
B767-400ER $200.8m
B777-200ER $258.8m
B-777-200LR $291.2m
B777-300ER $315.0m
B777F $295.7m
B787-8 $206.8m
B787-9 $243.6m

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