Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bye, Bye Nairobi.

Virgin Atlantic operated their last London Heathrow to Nairobi VS 671/672 on the 23th/24th September 2012. The last flight was operated by by Airbus A340-300 G-VELD     The reason for the airline ceasing services to Nairobi is rising fuel prices and a decrease in passenger numbers on that route. It is sad to see the airline stop serving Nairobi. In the future the airline may start up the route again if passenger numbers are rising with other airlines and they think they will be able to make a profit from the route. This is unknown but there is a small possibility that they could but very unlikely. The Airline is resuming services to Mumbai from the 28th October 2012 after a 3 year break. This is partly due to the fact they have stopped their Heathrow to Nairobi route and they also think that it will be beneficial for them.

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