Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Virgin Atlantic HAECO swap

Virgin Atlantic's London Gatwick and Manchester based B747 fleet are currently under going a face lift. This is taking place at HAECO in Hong Kong.  The face lift first appeared in G-VROM, Which was fitted with the new layout when it returned from its lease to AeroSur. 
Virgin Atlanti
Now 3 B747's are in service with the new layout, they are,

G-VROM Barbarella 
G-VAST Ladybird 
G-VLIP Hot Lips 

G-VLIP returned to London Gatwick from Hong Kong on the 10th August having been there since the 10th July. This is the third B747 to have the Face-Lift.

On the 11th August G-VROS departed for Hong Kong. When it returns to Gatwick in Early September it will become the 4th Aircraft to have the new layout. 

Here is a video of the new layout on G-VROM


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