Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Two Virgin Atlantic B747's operating from Manchester

Since April 2011 Manchester has been served daily by a Virgin Atlantic A330-300 and a B747-400. Before the A330's were delivered Manchester was served by 2 B747's daily.
On the 20th August 2012 G-VLIP positioned to Manchester in the early morning while G-VKSS was operating the VS76 from Orlando. When G-VKSS arrived it was unloaded of all passengers and luggage and then given enough fuel for a positioning flight to London Gatwick. When it left the gate G-VLIP was brought into the gate to pick up passengers for the VS75 to Orlando. G-VROY was the other B747 operating from Manchester arriving on from Las Vegas on the 20th. It is uncertain how long this will go on for but it should get back to A330 and B747 service by the start of the winter Schedule.

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