Saturday, 11 August 2012

British Airways to serve Rotterdam

From the 9th December 2012 British Airways will start 3 flights daily to Rotterdam. These flights will fly from Terminal 1 at London Heathrow and will be operated by both A319's and A320's.
Here is the Schedule for the flights. (All Times are local)

BA410 LHR-RTM 08:25 dep 10:35 arr
BA411 RTM-LHR 12:00 dep 12:05 arr
(Monday to Friday)

BA410 LHR-RTM 08:55 dep 11:10 arr
BA411 RTM-LHR 12:10 dep 12:15 arr
(Saturday and Sunday)

BA412 LHR-RTM 12:50 dep 15:05 arr
BA413 RTM-LHR 16:15 dep 16:20 arr
(Daily except Friday)

BA412 LHR-RTM 13:00 dep 15:15 arr
BA413 RTM-LHR 16:15 dep 16:20 arr
(Friday Only)

BA414 LHR-RTM 16:50 dep 19:05 arr
BA415 RTM-LHR 19:45 dep 19:50 are

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