Friday, 17 August 2012

British Airways Cabin Crew member Jailed for 6 months

A British Airways Cabin Crew member named Matthew Davis has been jailed for 6 months after Writing a message of threat on a toilet door on a B777 flight to Tokyo.
The message read,
'The Bomb on board will explode at 16:00 GMT unless our demands are met'
It was first noticed by a fellow cabin crew member Sarah Jane Spencer at 2:50pm GMT. This left all the Cabin Crew fearing their lives on board. Sarah Jane Spencer was carrying out her duties when Matthew Davis told her that she needed to read the back of the toilet door. She believed the message and urgently informed the captain of the flight. The captain then asked Matthew Davis to write out a report of the findings and when the report was completed he noticed that the handwriting was the same, he immediately relieved Davis of the rest of his duties for the rest of the flight. When they arrived in Tokyo, Davis was placed onto a return flight back to London Heathrow and was arrested when he arrived. He did this as he was struggling financially and he thought he might have been classed as a hero and been promoted if he saved the plane from exploding. Judge Anna Guggenheim said that if it wasn't for the captains good judgment of getting Davis to do the report and noticing the handwriting, the flight would have diverted and make an emergency, landing which would have terrified the passengers. When he was given a 6 month sentence he remained emotionless.

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