Sunday, 5 August 2012

BMI/BA integration Update 5th August 2012

As you may know IAG (British Airways/Iberia) have bought BMI from Lufthansa. As a result of this British Airways have decided to integrate the BMI fleet into their fleet. This means that,

  • BMI flight Numbers will be converted to BA flight Numbers. 
  • Some BMI routes will be ceased. 
  • The BMI A330's will be returned to their leasers.
  • The BMI planes will be painted into the British Airways Livery.
  • Reconfiguring the ex BMI planes to the BA configuration. 
British Airways have already started to convert BMI routes to Flight Numbers and from the  5th September they will start ceasing some of the former BMI routes. See post here. If the routes are staying but are being converted to British Airways flight numbers they will still be operated from Terminal 1.

A few of the planes have been reconfigured and now operate on all British Airways routes (If they wear the BA livery)

As Terminal 5 reaches its full capacity daily already, there is not enough space there to operate the BMI routes from. This means that they will still operate from T1 even after they have been converted to BA flight numbers. Some of British Airways new routes will operate from Terminal 1.

The Heathrow to Cairo BA155/BA154 routes will be converted to A321 operation from the 4th January 2013. This service will be operated from Terminal 1.
The Heathrow to Amman service will convert to BA flight numbers from October 28th and will continue to operate from Terminal 1
The new Heathrow to Rotterdam route which starts on the 9th December 2012 will operate from Terminal 1.

They have also started to paint the BMI aircraft into their livery. This is a shame as the BMI livery is a great livery. This means that the BMI livery will be operational for not much longer!!! On my visit to London Heathrow on the 2nd August 2012 I saw that there had already been at least 5 A319 aircraft painted into a British Airways Livery (3 in the Original livery and 2 in the Dove) I managed to film 4 of them and the one survivor that I saw that day (these were all A319's, A320's and A321's remain in the BMI livery at present)#
Here is the video showing that:
Ex BMI A319's

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