Wednesday, 29 August 2012

An Eventful day at Amsterdam

At around 7:00am GMT a bomb was discovered by builders working on the area. This was near Terminal C. Part of Airport was closed for a short while and flights were delayed or cancelled. Once the bomb had been moved and the area was safe, the airport re-opened fully again and tried to catch up on the delays that this had caused.
Later in the day 2 F-16 fighter jets were scrambled to intercept a Vueling Aircraft that had apparently been hijacked and it was believed that some passengers were being held hostage. The F-16's escorted the A320 safely into land. Once the aircraft was on the ground and off the runway, armed security forces boarded the aircraft and discovered that there had been a false alarm. It was in fact a lack of communication between the pilot and ATC. The aircraft that was involved in this incident was EC-LML which I captured at LHR in early August.


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