Monday, 30 July 2012

Current Aircraft in the Dove Livery

The Dove livery is a special livery that British Airways will eventually apply to 9 aircraft in celebration of the London 2012 Olympics. According to the following aircraft are in the Dove Livery.

G-EUOH (Unveiled in the Dove livery on the 3/4/12)

G-EUPA (Unveiled in the Dove livery on the 24/5/12)

G-DBCB (Unveiled in the Dove livery on the 28/5/12 ex BMI aircraft)

G-DBCD (Unveiled in the Dove Livery on the 15/6/12 ex BMI aircraft)

G-EUPD (Unveiled in the Dove livery on the 16/6/12)

The 10th special livered aircraft is 'The Firefly' This aircraft was used to carry the Olympic flame to the UK from Athens, take the flame to the Isle of Man and take the flame to Gurney. It was unveiled in 'The Firefly' on the 16/5/12 and was immediately flown to Athens to collect the flame.

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